It all started in 2004 when the Co-Founders identified an interesting market potential - the semiconductor industry in Singapore at that time lacked qualified third-party companies that specialized in RF, DC and MW equipment repairs. Together with a strongly shared vision to build a successful repair company to cater to the needs of the local and regional markets, Odyssey Singapore was incorporated in September 2004.


The company is a joint venture partnership between Eric Nail (President), Jim Plourde (Vice President), and Adrian Lee (Managing Director). Eric Nail and Jim Plourde are also the Co-Founders of the parent company, Odyssey USA. (click here for information on Odyssey USA)


Our strategic focus on niche repairs in RF, DC and MW equipment repairs has proven to be a success. Our offering of alternative solutions to OEM high-cost services, yet matching and even exceeding OEM quality at every step of the way has truly paid off. For 15 years and running, Odyssey Singapore has positioned ourselves as the market leader for RF, DC and MW equipment repairs in Singapore. Our strong reputation and high-quality standards have made us widely recognized in Asia. In August 2019, Odyssey Singapore achieved a major milestone with 10,000 repairs in our portfolio.


“Despite so many years of working together as partners, the journey seems to have just begun”, commented Adrian Lee, Managing Director of Odyssey Singapore. The three partners had an enjoyable gathering during the Annual Semicon West San Francisco in July 2019.


Indeed, with abundant opportunities and exciting new developments, the Odyssey Group is poised to embark on more adventurous odyssey to conquer the repairs world of RF.