There are a variety of RF, MW and DC applications within the industrial market, or more correctly a collection of many markets and applications. Whether drying of wood, food or textiles, RF heating/sealing of plastics like swimming pool linings, notebooks, IV bags, as well as laser applications- power generation plays a major part in achieving the right frequency and power to get the job done. 
Textile Drying
Radio frequency drying is one of the most efficient processes for the removal of moisture from textiles.
Wood and Glue Drying
RF is used to remove the moisture from lumber and lumber derivatives, it can be used to form fiberboard and cure chipboard. Its primary use is curing glue when assembling wood pieces, such as furniture manufacturing.
Food Drying
Generally used for removing moisture, its what makes consumer baked goods "crispy". Also used for sterilizing and preheating phases.
Plastic Welding
Used in the manufacturing process of a variety of products. Tents, inflatable toys and pools, truck covers, and many more.